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A buffet at work

Features and rules of a buffet at work.

Work in the office is not only a daily routine, but also a constant business communication with colleagues, employees and subordinates. But when one of the employees has a birthday party or there is another reason to get together with all the team and have a great time, we decide to organize a small buffet at work. Compared with the banquet it is not as grandiose, the scale, but still to the event in this format should be prepared. And the best way to do it employees of the catering company.

Rules of buffet at work

Carrying out such a format of event in the office is not a novelty. Minor events are celebrated in such a way. It is necessary to emphasize that such events are economical and greatly reduce the expenses, if you apply to our company.

If you are planning to conduct a stand-up party at work, we recommend to get acquainted beforehand with how it is conducted and how guests and organizers should behave at it:

All guests invited to the buffet must arrive on time. Missing or being late for it is a disrespect to the entire team, the exception may be if it concerns the boss. It is allowed;

The buffet at work can not last more than 2 hours;

The main purpose of this format is not to fill the stomach with all sorts of delicious viands, and communication with people. Sometimes, it's even a great opportunity to meet people from another department and socialize informally;

Due to the fact that the buffet is mainly communicating, only one type of furniture is used for decoration - tables. There are no chairs around them. The guests taste dishes, drink drinks and chat standing up;

It is unacceptable to stay around tables for a long time. It is necessary to put on the plate only what the guest will really eat;

the menu for the buffet must be well thought out. It should include a lot of cold and hot appetizers, salads. Thus all should be served in portions and in small quantities that it was convenient to eat with a fork in a standing position.

Menu of a buffet at work

Knowing how the event is organized and what are the requirements for the event, our company is ready to plan the event. Particular emphasis will be placed on the menu. Our experienced chefs will do everything to make the table please with its variety and originality.

If you order a buffet table at work, we will compose the menu responsibly. In each case, we compose an individual menu that will match the event and the occasion for it. It will certainly include cold, hot appetizers, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, pickles, and desserts. In some cases, we can arrange only sweet buffets.

If, however, you are aiming for a full-scale table setting, then you need to know the following:

Fish and vegetable appetizers are always served first, as well as a variety of salads. It should be remembered that such dishes should be light and portioned. Heavy dishes only quickly saturate the guests, and they want to sit down or leave the event.

After about 20 minutes, hot appetizers are brought to the table. It should be noted that if they are meat or fish dishes of small portion, they should not have bones.

After another 30 minutes, desserts, fruit, and champagne are brought to the table.

Non-alcoholic beverages are served in decanters and alcohol is served in bottles.

Even though it's a holiday, there should still be some alcohol at the buffet at work.

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