Workshops and Tutorials

Workshops and Tutorials

Sunday August 8, 2021

Bots Against Bias: Virtual Workshop on Designing Robots that Enhance Human Metacognition

Authors: Katie Seaborn*, Jacqueline Urakami, Oura Hiroki


Are we Ready to Trust Robots in the Healthcare Setting - Technical, Societal, Cultural, and Ethical Concerns and Challenges

Authors: Muneeb Ahmad*, Christian Dondrup, Katrin Solveig Lohan, Angelo Cangelosi


5th Workshop on Behavior Adaptation, Interaction and Learning for Assistive Robotics

Authors: Mariacarla Staffa*, Alessandra Rossi, Antonio Andriella, Silvia Rossi


Child-Robot Interaction for Beginners: Supporting New Researchers (CRIB 2021)

Authors: Denise Geiskkovitch*, Mafalda Gamboa, Nils Frederik Tolksdorf, David Cameron, Rebecca Stower


HRI and Folklore Studies and Traditional Religion 2021 (HRFS2021)

Authors: Tetsuya Matsui*, Naoki Ohshima, Kazuki Kobayashi, Hideyasu Takahashi


1st Workshop on Design-Centered HRI and Governance

Authors: Yueh-Hsuan Weng*, EunJeong Cheon, Osamu Sakura, Phoebe Li


Thursday August 12, 2021

3rd International Workshop on Blockchain Technologies for Robotic Systems (BCT4ROS'2021)

Authors: Onder Gurcan*, Fabio Bonsignorio


Disability Rights and Robotics: Developing co-production methodologies for the user-centred and community-centred design of robots

Authors: Tillie Curran, Sophie Savage*, Praminda Caleb-Solly, Andrew Gibson


GENDERING ROBOTS (GENR): Ongoing (Re)configurations of Gender in Robotics

Authors: Giulia Perugia*, Katie Winkle, Ryan Blake Jackson, Dominika Lisy


Robot Behavior Adaptation to Human Social Norms (TSAR)

Authors: Oliver Roesler*, Elahe Bagheri, Amir Aly, Silvia Rossi, Rachid Alami


Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction – SCRITA

Authors: Alessandra Rossi*, Patrick Holthaus, Gabriella Lakatos, Sílvia Moros, Marcus Scheunemann


Robots and Society: Ethical, Legal, and Technical Perspectives on Integrating Robots in the Home- and Healthcare Systems and Services (RO-SO)

Authors: Diana Saplacan*, Jim Torresen, Tobias Mahler, Eduard Fosch-Villaronga