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Rules of the holiday banquet

There are 365 days in the year and some of them are holidays that are celebrated by the whole country, and there are also events that are celebrated in the family circle. The largest events are held in the format of a holiday banquet. This option is one of the most expensive in price, but it is sure to be memorable. It has become relevant to carry out banquets, not only in restaurants and banquet halls, but also on the road. In this case, the organization of the event is entrusted to professionals - catering companies.

The key rules of organizing a holiday banquet

Banquet is a concept that describes an exquisite dinner party, lunch or breakfast, depending on where the event will take place. These events can take place officially, such as corporate or unofficially - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other similar events. But whatever the occasion, you need to treat the organization and conduct extremely carefully, carefully.

Those people who are planning to hold a holiday banquet soon, it is recommended to get acquainted with some of the rules of the organization and the peculiarities of the event. And there are quite a few of them. The key ones are the following:

The first thing to which special attention is paid is the festive menu. It is thought out in detail, without missing anything:

Cold appetizers are served first. There should be at least six items and varieties on the table.

After 30 minutes, hot appetizers must be served. There should be at least 3 dishes on the table, this can also include hot salads.

After 1-1.5 hours, hot dishes are served on the table. There should be more than 4 items. The main component of these dishes will be meat and fish.

A side dish is served at the same time with hot dishes. Traditionally, it is potatoes, but at holiday banquet may also be present mushrooms and rice.

There must be several desserts.

Fruit should always stand on the table.

It is very important that at such a banquet a competent serving is done. There should be a shallow table plate for each guest on the table, an appetizer plate on top, and a bread plate on the left. The appetizer plate must have a napkin on it. Each cutlery also has its own place: a fork lies on the left side of the plate, and a knife and spoon - on the right. The blade of the knife is pointing towards the plate;

At a holiday cocktail party, guests drink a variety of drinks. An individual selection of alcoholic beverages must necessarily be made. Since the holiday banquet is served a variety of drinks, and utensils should be appropriate. Vodka is placed on the table with a shot glass for wine, champagne with a flute, drinks and juices with tall glasses;

The tables must have fresh flowers. They may have a miniature appearance, but they must be available;

It is necessary to think in advance about how the dishes will be served and how the guests will be served. Today, the following serving systems are most commonly used:

The Russian system - it is the most traditional and most commonly used. All dishes are placed on the table and guests themselves choose how much they will eat.

The French system, or as it is also called - "in the enclosure". In this case, in service will involve a lot of waiters. This way of serving is considered sophisticated.

The English system - a rarity in Russia, but still held festive banquets, where the serving cart is used for the distribution of dishes.

These are the key rules of the event. If you entrust this process to our company, you will be delighted with how luxurious the event was. We can promise that, as we strive to make your event unforgettable.

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