All conference attendees must register.


A Full registration is required by an author of each paper for final paper upload and publication into the conference proceedings.  One paper can be uploaded with each full registration, and additional papers can be uploaded by paying an Additional Paper Upload fee.  All other participants can register as Attendees.

Full Registration (includes the upload of one final paper):

  • IEEE/RSJ/KROS member:  100 USD
  • Non-member:  140 USD
  • Additional paper upload:  100 USD (per additional paper)
  • Extra page charges:  80 USD per page (maximum of two excess pages per paper)

Attendee Registration (does not allow a paper upload)

  • 30 USD


  1. Only one author from each paper needs to pay the full registration.  The full registration must be paid before the final paper can be uploaded.  All other authors can register as attendees at the reduced rate.
  2. Workshops are included with both registration types.
  3. For each accepted paper, an author must pay the full registration and virtually present the paper in the conference session where the paper is scheduled. A detailed Program with the associated links for connecting to the virtual session rooms will be published before the virtual event.
  4. Once the registration payment is complete, NO REFUND is available.

For paper processing fees please register here:


Inclusion @ RO-MAN

We are committed to making RO-MAN inclusive and accessible to all. We especially welcome new participants to the RO-MAN conference from countries around the world. Towards this goal, we are also introducing a fee waiver program for 1st time attendees to RO-MAN from the countries listed below, to encourage broader participation and mitigate the effect of region currency and conversion rates.


Eligibility Criteria

  • First time attendee to RO-MAN, who may or may not have had a paper accepted AND
  • Attending university (B.Sc.,M.Sc.,Ph.D,Researcher) in countries listed in Band A or Additional Countries
  • First-come, first-served up to 100* applicants total worldwide

*Exact number to depend on budget availability.


Fee waiver application

To apply for the fee-waiver program, please fill the following form: You will be informed before the early bird deadline.