Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page provides answers to the most common questions we receive about our company.

Q.??This sounds too good to be true.? What's the catch?

A.? There is no catch. The concept is simple: buy in bulk and you will save. If you purchase a few items at a time from a grocery store, you pay retail prices. Buying your groceries in bulk, directly from leading brand-name manufacturers, gets you wholesale prices.

Example: At your local printer, one black-and-white copy costs 10 cents. If you buy 1000 copies, however, you'll pay only 5 cents per copy. We use exactly the same concept in our pricing, and it's why you'll save when you order from Northern Provincial Grocers.

Q.??I just received a flyer in my mail and wondered how this works?

A.??Simply fill out the contact form!??A Northern Provincial Grocers representative will be in contact with you shortly to explain everything in more detail.? You can also call our toll-free number for more information.

Q.??What does it mean when products are I.Q.F.?

A.??I.Q.F. products are individually quick frozen. It's a process that preserves freshness and flavor of all of our products. How it works: meat contains water, and a home freezer slowly freezes this water to form large ice crystals that pierce the cell walls of the food. Once thawed, the food will often become soft, mushy, and freezer-burned. However, I.Q.F. chills food at extremely low temperatures within a couple of minutes, therefore preventing the formation of large ice crystals. It also locks in all the juices and vitamins, and preserves the natural texture and flavour of the food. In addition when cooked all the great taste is allowed to come through fully.

Q.??How are your products packaged?

A.??All our meat products are I.Q.F. or vacuum-packed. You can take out one item at a time, which eliminates waste - unlike the grocery stores, who put their meats in white trays with plastic wrap, a method that is subject to freezer burn and a short freezer life.