Northern Provincial Customer Testimonials

"Hi Darlene,

I just wanted to leave you a quick note and let you know that I just received a delivery, and thanks to the two gentlemen who delivered it, everything fit in the freezer, and I managed to organize ciberseguranša curso the rest. They were both incredibly friendly and helpful. I thought I would be overwhelmed by the amount of food, but soon I felt at ease when everything was explained to me. I just wanted you to know what wonderful things you have. Darren, the gentleman who placed our order, was also very helpful. I can't wait to start grilling tonight!

Lindsay Irvine
Guelph, ON

"Hello John:

As you know, this is the third year we have purchased our food from Northern Province. From the very beginning you have been friendly, courteous and professional, and we have become long-term satisfied customers. I have to tell you, John, that it's hard to find the standard of service that you and your team of customer service and suppliers provide in today's environment where customers are treated like numbers in a phone book; impersonal and faceless. But that's not your style. When you come in, we are always greeted with a warm smile and a cheerful, down-to-earth demeanor that says: I like what I do and I like being with people. And you can see it when you enter the kitchen, greeting the children while stroking the dog.

Quality customer service is a trait that works for your organization. Suppliers unload the truck and pack the freezer in "No Time flat," and connecting with customer service shows that everyone cares about the total customer experience. Beyond customer service, the quality of your product is exceptional. Our family enjoys the convenience of having a freezer full of food that has consistently proven to be" delicious " even for our most demanding children.

We focus on high quality service and products. This is a high indicator to meet, but we are confident that the people at Northern Provincial are more than capable of delivering every time.

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Steve and Ana Colley
Monitoring and Verification Officer | Agent du vérification et contrôlant
Community Economic Development Directorate | Direction du développement économique communautaire
Federal Economic Development Agency, Southern Ontario | L'Agence fédérale de développement économique pour le Sud de l'Ontario
Kitchener, ON

"We are a family with four active children. Before using Northern Provincial we would have to split our shopping between two or three stores in order to complete our grocery list. Our monthly bills fluctuated based on specials and inflation. When we got home from the store, I would spend an hour afterwards dividing up the family sized packs of meat (shipped in from some distant farm) into smaller bags for the freezer. A few weeks later we were back at the store again.

Now shopping is so much easier. The main part of the meal is already in the house, along with dry goods that support many of our favourite recipes. Our food bills are pretty much the same every month. And I don't have to divide up any meat!

Finally, it is very important to us that we support our local farmers and shop Canadian. Initially, this was one of the selling points for me with regard to this company's products. The company backed their service and were always quick and courteous when we had any questions or exchanges to make. But once we tasted all of the amazing organic products, we were hooked.

Thanks Northern Provincial for helping us to shop locally and for providing such a wonderful service." Yours,

-The Starks Family
Waterdown, ON

"We have been with Northern Provincial for about 3 months now and have been more than satisfied with all the products we have recieved. The meat is unbelievable, very high quality. Exchanges we made were simple and hassle free.

There is a good feeling knowing we have a freezer full and no worries of anything going bad because of the great guarantee that comes with it. We have definitely saved money on groceries and gas. I would recommend this to any busy family."

-Agnes Freeman
Burlington, ON

"My family has been using Northern Provincial for a couple of years now and we have drastically reduced our grocery shopping time and bills. The pre-packaged meats allow us now the time to better plan our menus and spend quality time with each other. I strongly recommend Northern Provincial for not only the quality of their products, but also the special attention of their customer service! We will continue using Northern Provincial for many years to come!"

-Frank Grosso
Georgetown, ON

"Dear Northern Provincial,

I would like to thank you for your great customer service & wonderful meat products. We have been with you for 2 months now - I can't say enough about the boneless chicken breasts - so delicious! We continue to spread your name around and allow everyone we know the wonderful savings we see each month from switiching to Northern Provincial Grocers for most of our grocery needs. As we continue to use the products, we are now seeing what we use alot of & what we need re-ordered in our second year.

It is always a pleasure to speak to your staff & hope you all have a wonderful 2012 - Thank you for contacting us regarding your services - the money we save monthly is wonderful, the time I save is unbelievable & your meat products are heavenly. I think you have made long time customers out of our family."

Amanda Kayser & Family
Brantford, ON


I just wanted to commend you on the wonderful group/team of drivers and delivery people you have on staff.

Every time we received an order, whether it was a re-delivery or replacement, they were very friendly and courteous. Let's not forget the professionalism.

For the most part, it's the same two colleagues, but once in a while there's one that we haven't met before. Regardless, they are still great!

I was also impressed that the man who brought the goods to our basement put on these handy little shoe covers and moved things around in my freezer to better facilitate getting the meat.

Thanks again, and we look forward to continuing to be customers of Northern Province."

-Sheri Flaro-Tegelaar
Burlington, ON

"Hi John,

My husband and I just recently had to deal with your company's customer service regarding the breakdown of our freezer this week for the first time since we signed up with your company in September of 2011.

Being the first time that we had to contact Northern Provincial at all, we were very surprised at how fast and efficient our problem was dealt with.

Expecting to get hassles, and only receiving very professional and expedient service from every department, ranging from your office, to the appliance technician and delivery people, we are now very certain that we will have no difficulty in deciding to continue with Northern Provincial for the next year and in the future!

Again, thank you, and we cannot say it enough. Your company will come very highly recommended to our friends and family."

-Brett and Christine Allan
Georgetown, ON

"Hey John,

Here we go:

I have to admit that I was VERY skeptical heading in to the agreement. It didn't make sense to me HOW this would work, and what my house would look like with a year's full of groceries hiding in nooks and crannies. Not to mention how the meat would taste (I'm a bit of a butcher snob when it comes to meat). I have been SO surprised!

Firstly, the quality of the meat is EXCEPTIONAL (the breakfast sausages are my favourite). The gentleman selling the meat said the meat will defrost in warm water in about 10 minutes. Although a bit of an exaggeration, certainly not much. I love being able to get something out in the morning, have it marinating by the afternoon, and a good quality meat ready to BBQ for dinner.

Secondly, the way the guys packed the freezer was GENIUS and all the meat fit in, and the rest of the food stacks up neatly in a pantry for easy grabbing. Lastly, I LOVE not having an empty freezer and needing to make any emergency shopping trips!"

-Alan Coombs
London, ON

"Northern Provincial,

We are sending this letter to your company to let you know that we had our first delivery of our freezer order. We the residents and the staff of Carey House want to thank you for such fine service, the delivery team was exceptional. Both worked very hard to make it a very pleasant experience start to finish.

They were polite and very personable, professional and yet very funny and made the whole delivery easy for all. We send our thanks to all of you and especially to those two young men.

Thank You."


-Brenda Johnstone
Program Coordinator, Carey House
Burlington, ON

"Dear Friends at Northern Provincial,

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation to any other shelter-type service agency considering an agreement with Northern Provincial. As a shelter in Hamilton we have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from our relationship with Northern Provincial.

For our purposes their packaging is excellent and it cuts down significantly on waste. Plus there is a tremendous advantage to having the supplies right on hand and not needing to use valuable volunteer or staff time grocery shopping. Their salespeople have always been available, flexible and never pushy – something I really appreciate. They work hard to give me exactly what I need.

Finally, the quality speaks for itself. Of course the brand names are top-notch but their meats are something we have really enjoyed.

If you work within the framework of a group home or shelter I would recommend you consider investing in what Northern Provincial is offering."

Scott Jones
Executive Director
Micah House Refugee Reception Services Inc.
Hamilton, ON

"Our experience with Northern Provincial has been excellent. Our sales representative, Randy, has been excellent throughout the whole process.

The drivers who delivered our food were extremely fast and courteous. As great as the service has been, the only thing that is even better is the delicious cuts of meat we ordered. Once you have tried their streaks, you will never want to go back to buying your meats from your grocery store - or even go out to a fancy steakhouse and spend money on something that is not even half as good.

It's also nice to know that the meats you're eating are naturally grain-fed and not pumped with all kinds of chemicals. We are repeat customers and intend to continue our relationship with Northern Provincial."

-Jose & Nancy Barinque
Milton, ON

"We have been with Northern Provincial for two years now and are certain to continue for years to come. We have three children so the lunch snacks and easy quick dinners on hand have been very convenient. Also, when the kids decided they didn't like something anymore, NP were more than happy to exchange it for something else, no questions asked.

The products, especially the meat, are real quality. It's also nice to have so many groceries delivered right to your door for the busy family. I would highly recommend anyone to at least try NP and you will be hooked.

The staff are always friendly and our representative, John, has always been so helpful and patient with us."

-The Maxwell Family
Dunnville, ON

"We have a very busy and large family. Northern Provincial saves us time and money! John York took the time to understand our family's needs and all the staff has been fantastic!"

-The Mruck Family
Brantford, ON

"This is our third year that we are placing an order with Northern Provincial. We have found the quality of their food to be excellent. We highly recommend the ribs, steaks, pork and whole chickens in particular.

We both work full-time jobs with long commutes. In our busy lives, ordering all our frozen and dry goods eliminates one more job that we must do.

Northern Provincial not only gives us more time to do the things we want, they also help to save us money. Their high-end products are offered at reduced prices and the possibility of impulse buying at the supermarket is removed.

A win-win situation. Thank you Northern Provincial,"

-Wendy and Garry Mudd,
Elora, ON

"We signed up for the food plan to save some money, but mostly to avoid having to lug heavy bags into the house, due to my health. I still carry bags of perishables, but I can control how many on a given week; the bulk of our food is already in the freezer or on the shelves.

We are very pleased with the service. The staff are efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable. All the frozen items are packed into the freezer for you. All you have to worry about is putting away the dry goods. AND, if you don't currently have a freezer, or only have a tiny freezer, Northern Provincial will provide you with the appropriately sized freezer that corresponds to the category of your food plan.

Seven months into our first year, we are delighted with all their products (all name brand). We plan to remain with Northern Provincial for many years."

-Rick Maynard
Merlin, ON

"Hi Chris, It was nice to meet you last night but, after you left, I felt very bad for not offering you something to drink while you were there. I apologize, I don't know where my manners were! I appreciate you taking the time to explain your business, and helping me out with the teenage rowdy! I'm sure that's not listed in your job description! I hope I don't have trouble with him again! If so, can I call on you? LOL!

By helping me to save money and provide quality food for my family, you too are helping people in a very important way, so if you don't already feel proud of yourself you should! Thanks again, and I look forward to the service."

-Autumn Timmerman
Guelph, ON

"Hi Darlene, Just wanted to drop you a quick 'Thank You' to yourself and Randy. Year after year you both do a remarkable job looking after us and our family. It is nice to get the friendly service and personable people to work with! In our mind it is the difference to keep us coming back year after year.

Also a 'Thank You' to Robert & Glen, our delivery guys. Friendly and smiling - even though I'm sure they hit their heads more than once in our old farmhouse basement. Cheery as could be - even took time to talk to our three children when they got home. Hope they had a good rest of the day!

Thanks again to Northern Provincial! You Guys and Gals ROCK!"

-Murray, Sarah, Jake, Noah and Curtis Lotton
Ripley, ON

"Hi Darlene, I just wanted to take a minute and let Northern Provincial know what incredible staff they have.

We just received our first delivery with Northern Provincial and the gentlemen that brought, unloaded and packed our order were phenomenal! (I wish I had gotten their names so that I could be more specific) But I was terribly impressed with their professionalism and their work ethic. They were polite, friendly and hard-working. They had our entire order unloaded, checked, packed and organized in less than an hour! They took time to answer all the questions I had and they took the time to go over, again, some of the great customer service guarantees that you provide.

It is a bit overwhelming to receive an order like this for the first time and I wasn't sure how I felt, but the quality of service provided by these two young men alone has put me completely at ease as a first-time customer of Northern Provincial.

I am very excited and very impressed - there aren't enough good things I can think of to say! I even called my husband at work right away to tell him how great they are!

I hope that this e-mail can be passed along so that these gentlemen recieve the appreciation and recognition they deserve.


Kindest Regards,

-Melanie Bergshoeff
Nanticoke, ON

"Hey Dana, We got our order today and were super-excited about it!

Steve was in our laundry room trying to organize things when I got home from work. We didn't know what to expect, but are very happy with everything.

I made the chicken tonight - and it was DELICIOUS! I made it right from frozen like you said, and it turned out PERFECT! Moist, tender...and the taste was AMAZING...I have never tasted chicken so good. The only meat that Connor has ever finished is pork and salmon, but today he ate one whole chicken breast!

Thanks for everything. We will keep you posted."

-Steve, Heather and little Connor Sharpen
Waterdown, ON

"I have been a satisfied customer of Northern Provincial for seven years.

The company reps have always been very courteous and work diligently to accommodate the individual needs of each family. The quality of the food is excellent and the convenience of having most of our food delivered at one time is a bonus.

The benefit of the two-year price freeze is just one more reason to give Northern Provincial your business. Give them a'll be glad you did!

-Shannon Kuglin
Markdale, ON

"I have been with Northern Provincial grocers for 10 years now! The staff is terrific, from the girls in the office to the food consultants to the delivery guys.

All are very professional and easy to deal with, but what I really like is the fact that all of the food products are from our own province! Great to know you can get quality right here at home in Ontario. Thanks again to all, looking forward to dealing with you for many years to come!

-Murray and Delores Gowan
Allenford, ON

"We've been Northern Provincial's customers for a few months now and are very impressed with their service. Their sales person was very professional and thorough, and the delivery staff was amazing - not only did they take all of the boxes to the basement for us, they packed our freezer!

We've used a couple of other direct-to-home grocery companies before, but their service and food quality/variety pale in comparison to Northern Provincial."

-Melanie and Hugh Hennessy
Acton, ON

"Six kids equals lots of food and lots of time spent shopping.

Northern Provincial has taken a large portion of the work out of preparing for dinner by giving me the basics I need at my finger tips. My time to visit the grocery store has been reduced because now I only need a quick stop to pick up the fresh items. And that time goes back to my family.

The NP meats are individually packaged so it makes planning meals easier with less waste by selecting only what we need.

We now have the ability to be more flexible with our eating arrangements too. We used to eat a lot of chicken to save on money, and now for the same money we've opened the options up to chicken, steak, hamburgers, pork chops, sausages and more.

I also have the option that if I've got too much of something or not enough of another, I can have my products exchanged at my convenience.

Lifestyles change...and this plan changes with you.

The delivery of the product was smooth and seamless….and the delivery people put everything away for me. A regular grocery store doesn't do that ;)

Thanks NP for making my life less stressful!


-Deborah Vogel & Family
Georgetown, ON

My name is Mary Clinckemaillie, I am a wife and mother of three. We have been with Northern Provincial for 3 years now and absolutely love it!

Our consultant John was wonderful walking us through every step of the ordering process and never pushed us to buy more than we need. The ease and convenience of having groceries delivered right to our door. The delivery guys are courteous and helping, They even put the groceries away!

No more having to worry about what to make for dinner as the selection is amazing and so many choices, We even get to order the same name brands that we would buy at the store. With the added bonus of the meat being individually packaged, this makes choosing the right amount for dinner a breeze.


-Mary Clinckemaillie
Windham Centre, ON

To Whom it May Concern,

I have just completed my fourth yearly order of food from Northern Provincial so I thought it might be appropriate to jot down some notes on my experience thus far.

I was initially leery of the idea of bulk purchasing my family's food. I had heard that these deals were a rip-off and you ended up paying much more for the items you received than market value. Nothing could be further from the case. The food is name brand and in exactly the variety we want. And living in Canada with Canadian winters it is wonderful knowing that I always have a nutritious meal on hand without having to trek out into the howling blizzard.

Our sales representative Sean Strain has handled our account for these four years. He is very competent at ascertaining our needs and never tries to "up-sell." He has the confidence in his product line and services that comes with working for a fair and reputable firm. Before purchasing anything from Northern Provincial I first checked them out on line and found that they had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This was important but what really sealed the deal for me was the no-nonsense and plain language contracts for payment and the new freezer we were to receive as first-time customers. The contracts were on one piece of paper and contained no fine print or extra clauses, just what we would get and the money we would pay.

The delivery of the product to our house has gone smoothly every year. The delivery people are professional and extremely helpful in helping us organize our order. They even showed me how to cut the top off of the box for easier access when items were packed into the freezer!

I tend not to write letters of endorsement often but do so when I think a business merits the praise. Customer testimonials are often the best form of knowledge one can get about a company's products and services. I know I really appreciate them when I am looking at products or services with which I am unfamiliar.

I hope this letter helps prospective customers of Northern Provincial make the choice to support a good Canadian business selling some good Canadian products. You will not be sorry.


-Phil Kirchgessner
IS/IT Manager
Lucan, Ontario

We have been customers of Northern Provincial for about a month now and my whole family is extremely pleased. Your quality of the meat is above standards and your customer service goes above and beyond. Even the delivery guys were helpful and professional. I would recommend your company to anyone and will order from you again.

-Brenda and Mark Donegan

Just a quick note regarding our delivery. They guys ( Glen and Tristan ) were awesome...GREAT GUYS. They are professional, and we were very happy with their delivery and set up of the delivery goods. They were on time, they had the items on our list, and they were very nice.


-Renee and Rob Wilkie

Hello Sean.

I am wanting to have a voice about my amazing experience with you and your team at Northern Provincial.

From the first moment I asked you about your program and how it worked, to coming out and speaking with us, you acted excited about the product; your knowledge was incredible and the way in which you made it so easy for us to feed the family without the hassle of the grocery stores was perfect.

As a sufferer of severe ulcerative colitis; your meat products are #1. The freshness and individually packed portions and defrost time cannot be beat.

I have never had such great Customer Service; fast, efficient and friendly from the office.

The delivery was fun and easy. The drivers went through everything with us, checked products twice and put everything into the freezer, which made us very comfortable.

I cannot say enough good about the product, the people and the company. I will refer you to everyone I know.

Again Sean, thanks for making up so aware and making the process so simple. Looking forward to being a repeat customer forever!

With much thanks,

-Carolyn Fredin
London, ON

"Northern Provincial excels in the trifecta of consumer products: Superior quality products, excellent customer service and value for the money.

Their products promote:
- Healthy eating by offering superior products free of contaminants, antibiotics and chemicals
- Concern for the environment by using free range farms where the animals are treated properly
- Use of local businesses by offering products from Ontario farms

The customer service is excellent:
- Food consultants are very knowledgeable, helpful and insightful
- Delivery personnel are professional and thorough
- Customer representatives are very helpful, friendly and resolve issues quickly

The value for the money is unsurpassed:
- The quality and conveniences of the products are more that worth the price
- The payment options, deliveries and freezers allow great flexibility for busy working families
- Not having to buy industrial farm, water infused, low grade meat from the grocery store is priceless

Our family has been proud members of Northern Provincial for over 9 years now and we will be for many years to come.

Many thanks to our dynamic Northern Provincial team of Sean and Darlene, you have made all the difference!"

Ian Barnett
Kintore, ON

"Hi Darlene!

We wanted to say thank you so much to yourself (I spoke to you on the phone last week), as you were very friendly and helpful.

Secondly, to the two fellows that delivered all of our amazing food and freezer today, wow! They were courteous, friendly, polite and helpful. And wow can that tall guy pack a freezer, he puts most people I know to shame! J It's so organized. I really loved the details they told us about, how to open the boxes to get out one thing at a time without having to take the whole thing off the shelf, the tall freezer stocker fellow wrote in marker clearly what boxes were that were hard to read or not well labeled. WOW. And they were so fast.

And also of course to CJ! He is so good at what he does. He was very reassuring on quantities and fun to meet with.

Further, the time and trouble taken to ensure that what we wanted was what we received, right down to quick syrup, and dishwasher detergent was just amazing, and that went on from starting out with CJ, to a phone call we received to clarify a request we had made, to the non freezer fellow today ensuring the dishwasher tabs were the ones I loved to use.

We can't thank all of you enough. I know there are many, many people working behind the scenes that make these fantastic orders happen, and because we don't get a face to face interaction with them, we don't get to thank them, so PLEASE thank EVERYONE for us! We couldn't be more thrilled with the products, the service and the PEOPLE!

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season!

Jen & Steve Miller (and sons Nick and AJ)
Ingersoll, ON

p.s. never been more excited about less shopping in my life!!!!!!!"
"Northern Provincial has been such a marvellous complement to the functionality of our home.

Their attention to customer satisfaction is amazing. For the past 5 years, we have ordered from them and experienced nothing but friendly, polite service, as well as counselling from the staff in placing our order for the coming year. It is a "new game" every year as our dietary needs and quantities required change, but they are there to coach us on quantities and even how to get a better value for our dollar (e.g.- pertaining to the meat, whether to order the whole t-bone steak or a partial steak from around the t-bone which gives you twice as many meals). Speaking of meat, all the meat is individually shrink-wrapped; there is nothing to thaw and break up for smaller portions. You decide how many of each to cook at any given time.

As a woman who is quite often alone when the order arrives, I am totally comfortable with the delivery staff. Besides packing the freezer in an orderly fashion, as a woman, I greatly appreciate the politeness and respect shown to me, as well as their attention to details such as not making a mess when they come and go from our home.

We signed up for this service because of my health issues. It saved my having to lug in countless bags of heavy groceries up the deck steps AND it also saved us money on our grocery bill. We had a very old and very small freezer, but that was not a problem. They gave us a new Woods freezer to use the first year and, after our second order, it was ours to keep. We accrued 2 freezers over 5 years (could have had a 3rd but we had no room). Their prices are very competitive and I don't get that feeling of dread regarding the astronomical cost when I crave a roast beef dinner. As well, we live 25 minutes from the nearest grocery store and it is so very convenient to have our food staples (other than fresh produce) at our fingertips. I quite often wake up in the mood to make large quantities of cabbage rolls to have on hand in my freezer– and guess what – other than the fresh vegetables – I have everything I need – and I usually have those vegetables in good supply because I use those same vegetables in many other meals. I am ready to get cooking!

In summary, dealing with Northern Provincial is not only a friendly experience in every way, but is oh so convenient AND cost-effective. I am not saying that you may not be able to get some of their product at the same or lower prices if you hit a really good sale, but there are two issues with that: first, you have to be aware of the sale and secondly, you have to have the cash on hand to be able to take full advantage of major buying of that product to have the same savings you get automatically with food that is delivered to your door and awaits your cravings.

Because their methods of payment are tailored to suit us; it was an excellent way to manage our budget, especially since we retired. Other than what we picked up in the grocery store (perishables and let's be honest ... impulse purchases), our food bill was stationary and we knew we were getting good value for our dollar.

I so highly recommend them to anyone who struggles with major weekly grocery shopping and all that that entails. We are very, very satisfied clients – so satisfied that I offered to do this for them. They didn't need to ask.

Thank you, Darlene, John, and Randy, as well as the delivery men who have come to our door over the past 5 years. I apologize but I do not know their names."

Shirley & Richard Maynard
Merlin, ON

"Dear Sir or Madam:

I thought that since we have had our grocery order since Nov 2012, that we should actually let you know how much we have enjoyed it.

It's been wonderful to be able to go to the freezer and grab what we feel like at anytime. Also since we have been on the program, we have saved a ton of money. Now with us already having the staples of our groceries at home, we are able to buy things that we haven't normally bought.

Our grocery bill now is about 45 to 50 dollars a week on the extras that you don't supply, which would include everything and i mean everything.

A little while ago our grocery store burned down; yes I agree it's a shame but with our grocery order we have no worries.

I find the staff and the Reps of Northern Provincial to be so nice and they answer all our questions. They really do take care of us in any way possible.

I so can't wait till our next order. Thank you Again Northern Provincial for coming into our lives. It's been a truly wonderful experience."

Yours, truly

Ryan Nicholson
Karen Martin
Seaforth, Ontario

"Hi Dana!

Adam Chisholm here, from Waterdown! Just had Rob and Lee deliver the second half of our order. What a great pair of gents, always professional, straight forward, patient and orderly! And even ahead of schedule despite the closed highway! Can't wait to deal with you and NPG again. Thanks so much!

Adam Chisholm
Waterdown, Ontario


We were very excited to receive our food order on Wednesday.

The two gentlemen, Lee and I am not sure of the other fellow’s name, it may have been Scott??? who made the delivery were so pleasant to deal with.

They took off their shoes or put on shoe covers when they brought in the freezer and the boxes of food.

They went over everything that they had delivered and carefully packed it away in the freezer, labelling all the boxes.

They certainly made our introduction to your company very positive.

We are looking forward to trying the many products that we had delivered."

Susan and Cal Neely
London, Ontario