What We Do

Northern Provincial is a Direct to Home Food Service Company and we offer:
  • We support local farmers and farmers markets, by purchasing meats with no added hormones and no antibiotic residues
  • We buy direct in large quantities meaning savings due to volume
  • Eat healthier by buying local meat products
  • We offer free delivery on all food orders directly to your home
  • Convenience: Food shopping made easy - choose your family's meals from the comfort of your own home! No hunting for parking spots, no long lineups, and no impulse shopping. We deliver o que hard skills your food order directly to your door.
  • Name Brand Products: We carry name-brand meat and grocery products you can trust.
  • Better value: All meat products are vacuum-packed or individually quick-frozen, for easy access. You can take out one item at a time this means far longer freezer life and no more waste or spoilage, which saves you money.
  • Save time: less time in stores and more time to spend with your family.
  • No money down, No interest, No payments for 30 days.
  • Price Freeze: Guaranteed same price upon reorder, for two years
  • Save Money on Gas: Fewer trips to the grocery store.
  • Custom Ordering: Order exactly what your family wants and needs.
  • Selection: Larger selection of groceries than any other grocery store in Canada.
  • No membership fees.